Saturday, May 18, 2013

Only One


Description: Earring with rhodium carriage charms (1.5 x 1.6cm), silver coated round filligree and earring hooks.

Length: 5.3cm

Price: $5.90



Description: Earrings made with mini black furry balls, symbol charms and earring hooks.

Length: 6.5cm

Price: $5.90

Crowned Royal


Description: Earrings with dark purple acrylic pearls, rhodium crown charms (1.7cm) and earring hooks.

Length: 6cm

Price: $5.90

Locks of Love


Description: Bracelet made with rhodium lock charms (1.3cm), and pink, silver & white acrylic beads. Clasps included at the ends.

Length: 20cm

Price: $7.90

Cutie Rings

Cute little rings made with cute animal charms from Taiwan! ^^
Rings are adjustable.


Ring - Blushing Pony (2.4 x 2.2cm)

Ring - Blue Ducky (1.7 x 1.6cm)

Price: $2.50 each

Dark Edges


When worn:

Description: Bracelet set of 3 different pieces, each with 5cm diameter (when it's not stretched). Stretchable, no clasps. Made with mini black fluffy balls, black acrylic beads and black acrylic flower cap parts.

Price: $5.50

Coral Pearls


When worn:

Description: Double bracelet with a 5.5cm width. Stretchable, no clasps. Made with turquoise, white and gold coloured acrylic beads.

Price: $5.50

Tiny Owls


Description: Bracelet and hooked earrings set. Made with owl charms (approx. 1cm), turqoise acrylic beads, white matt beads and yellow-cream striped beads. Bracelet is thread together with a rubberized band, no clasps.

Length of Earrings: 5.5cm

Price: $5.50 for the set

Friday, May 10, 2013

Next Collection

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus. Due to a minor hand injury, I was unable to complete the collection. Now that it's better, I will be launching some items soon! :)

Do stay tune for it in the upcoming week! ^^

With love,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey, Ladybugs!


Cute ladybugs coming your way! An intricately pieced bracelet with red ladybug charms (1.6cm, with small faux diamantes on its back), rhodium butterfly charms (0.8cm), black beads, green acrylic beads, white & clear teardrop shaped beads. With heart-shaped rod and circle clasps.

Length: 18.5cm

Price: $9.90

Oriental Gold


Stunning and eye-catching pair of earrings! Inspired by 2NE1 CL's earrings, this pair is bound to capture everyone's attention, with it moving along with your movements. Made with yellow-gold coloured oriental threads, golden circle charms and gold hooked earrings.

Length: Approx. 9cm

Price: $9.90

Antique Garden


Charming bracelet with a tinge of vintage feel, adorned with bronze dove (2.2cm) & leaf charms (2.8cm), purple & black beads, and an oval-shaped embellished flower charm (2.7cm). Bracelet ends with flora designed circle & rod clasps.

Length: 19cm

Price: $8.90

Simple Love


Something sweet to go along with your dresses? Unelaborate yet unique piece. Made with golden ball-chain, gold "LOVE" charm (length: 3cm) , matte pink & white beads.

Length: 36.5cm

Price: $8.00

Flower & Butterflies


A set of 3 earrings : Option for girls to mix & match! Mismatched sides? Want to have your earrings at the same length? It's possible with this set. :) Made with rhodium butterfly and flower charms, green & purple acrylic beads, and white acrylic teardrop beads.

Length: 5.5cm, 5.5cm and 7cm

Price: $6.90

Prism Love


Simple & light-weight pair of earrings, for girls who do not like the hassle of long earrings. Made with aqua coloured acrylic beads and square heart charms (1cm).

Length: 5.5cm

Price: $3.50

Swing Swing Swing


Made with silver chains, pink & white beads, and little garden girl charms (2.5cm tall). A delight to be worn, with the little garden girl swinging upon your ears.. :)

Length: 6cm

Price: $6.90

Prim Roses


This pair of dainty earrings will pair up prettily with your CNY dresses! Made with rodium rose charms (1.2cm), pink & purple pearls and brown beads, on earrings hooks.

Length: 5cm

Price: $3.50

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Chunky Rings

R1: Lego Delights
P1038634 P1038635 P1038636 P1038637

Chunky rings made with Lego pieces - Pirate & Alien.

Acrylic ring, non-adjustable. Inner dimension: 1.8cm wide
Height: 5.5cm for Pirate, approx. 4cm for Alien

Price: $15 each


R2: Happiness Bloom

Double-finger ring, made uniquely with resin flowers and charms glued onto silver filligree.

Ring is adjustable.
Width of charm: approx. 4.5cm

Price: $5.50


R3: Gold Black (SOLD)

Simple gold ring with 5 black bead pieces.

Non-adjustable. Inner dimension: 1.8cm

Price: $2.00


R4: Peacock - SOLD

Elegant & vintage peacock ring on similar bronze ring.

Ring is adjustable.
Peacock charm: 4.5cm x 2.5cm

Price: $4.50


R5: Flower Power
P1038624 P1038639

Beautiful flower rings - White & Pink.

White Flower - Ring is adjustable and in bronze. Price: $5.50 (SOLD)
Pink Flower - Acrylic ring is NON-adjustable. Inner dimension: 1.4cm. Price: $2.00


R6: Beary Pink
P1038627 P1038640

Baby pink teddy bear ring.

Acrylic ring, non-adjustable. Inner dimension: 1.8cm

Price: $4.50

Pink Spring

Unique bracelet that's all knotted up in simple knots and gold circles. For the centre of focus, there's a gold wired charm (2.5cm) with a small gold ribbon (~1cm) to add some movement to this piece. Comes with clasps.
Length: 14cm (stretchable to 15cm)
Price: $4.50

Forever Yours

Gold and black - 2 chic colours that will never go wrong when combined. Forever Yours is a long rope necklace made with gold/black rope, gold square charm (2cm x 2cm), gold heart-with-wings charm (2.6cm) and gold chain with clasps.

Length: 35cm

Price: $22

Purple Heartx

A purple & gold rope bracelet designed simply by knots and gold heart charm (1.5cm x 2cm). Perfect for the hustle free ladies, who just wish to add some chunk & glam to their outfits.
Length: 20cm
Thickness of rope: 0.7cm
Price: $4.50

Caged Freedom

Classy and outstanding long necklace, perfect for work or play! Made with bird in a cage rhodium charm (height: 3.5cm), white suede tassel (length: 5.5cm), silver chain and white beads.
Length: 46.5cm
Price: $12


Locket can be opened:
Blloooms is a necklace made with different types and flower charms - a blue crochet flower with black bead middle, pink clay flower & off-white resin flower - all on a silver locket (approx 6cm).
Length: -
Price: $13

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chords of Black

Description: Long pendant with black wooden violin charm (7.3cm), paired with royal purple pearls, white and black beads to complete the look. A dark piece but I do love the slight carvings on the wooden violin.

Length: 10cm
Chain length is available upon request.

Price: $14 (inclusive of chain)

Cute Bugs

Description: Afraid of bugs? These ladybugs are not only friendly but cute! Cute pair of earrings made with ladybug charms (1.7cm tall), small rhodium butterfly charms, black beads and hook earrings from Japan. Adorable pair!

Length: 6cm

Price: $5.90

Tiffany's Charms

Description: Mismatched pair of hook earrings, with shell-like giraffe charms, rhodium hoop, small rhodium heart-shaped charms, white pearls, tear-drop shaped precious stones in turquoise. A fun and slightly sweet piece for those who like to stand out just a little.. :)

Length: 5cm and 6.2cm respectively.

Price: $5.90

Droplets of Rain

Description: Slightly attention-seeking earrings for the bolder ones. Made with rhodium charms of a little girl in polka-dotted raincoat, beads in shades of blue and white, stainless steel chain and earrings hooks from Japan.

Length: 9.2cm
Note: If you feel that it's too long, but you do like the concept, I am able to change it for you by removing the hoops to shorten it a little. Just drop me an email! :)

Price: $7.90

Child-Like Play

Description: Earrings made with silver ribbon charms with organza in the middle, pastel colourful beads and shell-like giraffe charms (2cm). It's a innocent and child-like piece with colours and giraffes. Would you like to adopt it back? :)

Length: 6.2cm

Price: $5.90

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rainbow Bunnies

1) Pink Bunny (Set) - SOLD
 2) Red Bunny
 3) Blue Bunny
 4) Dark Pink Bunny
 5) Green Bunny - SOLD
 6) White Bunny
 7) Yellow Bunny
 8) Orange Bunny
Description: Earrings made with wooden bunny charms of various colours, acrylic beads, resin clay flowers, silver & rhodium charms, and black buttons. Variety to suit your style and preference! Plus the bunnies are adorable and light-weight. Will not weigh down on your ears.. :)

Length: Varies. Please email me to enquire if u wish to know any specific length for any pair. :)

Set 1 - $9.00 for the set (not sold separately)
Pairs 2 to 3 - $4.90
Pairs 4 to 8 - $5.90